[MCO SPECIAL] Perfect Nasi Lemak Set (Serve up to 10-12 pax)

RM61.70 RM49.70


21 DAYS OF MCO!! Craving for some hot Nasi Lemak, accompanied with tasty sambal, and a side of hearty Curry Chicken?

Just make yourself now!

Nasi Lemak is one of the favorites of Malaysians. And the secret essence of the whole dish is the sambal!

Our anchovies sambal are family-friendly, Serve it instantly by heating it up with boiling water, or pour it into a bowl to microwave it. You can even cook shrimps or squid with the sambal as paste!!

Finally, complete the Nasi Lemak with some thick and hearty Rendang and Red Curry. Mmmm!! Just add your choice of meat or even fish!! Did I mention our Red Curry has already contained Santan powder in it? Yes! you do not need to add in spices and Santan using our instant paste.


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