Our Popiah


Our Popiah

Our originals are the old-time favourite of our loyal customers since the ‘birth’ of Sisters Crispy Popiah in 2003.

Our passion to serve tasty & quality popiah is demonstrated by our meticulous procedure on which, where & how each ingredient is placed on our pandan/egg pastry in every roll.


The crispy popiah is Sisters Crispy Popiah’s signature product. As the name suggests, the popiah looks like any other popiah at first glance, but each bite will land your teeth in its crispy, crunchy fillings.

Its crispiness lasts for hours and customers can still enjoy the crunch if they choose to take-away our Crispy Popiah, which is something that cannot be done with the traditional popiah.

Crispy Popiah

Egg Roll Popiah

Tuna Salad Popiah

Cheese Turkey Slice Popiah

Chicken Teriyaki Popiah

Jumbo Salad Rolls

Salad roll, as the name refers, is specially catered for green lovers who prefer lesser of the crunchy and crispy filings and want more vegetables. The combination taste with our home-made vege sauce will leave you wanting more!

Vege Delight Roll

This is a choice for those whom would like to replace the turnip (which is a common ingredient in all popiah) with green vegetables such as cabbage & tomatoes. Our special home-made sauce(which contains egg, dairy & garlic) also serves to give an alternative taste to our popiah lovers with lesser crunchy fillings.

Fried Springroll

Our Springroll, which is commonly fried, is rolled with our specially cooked turnip and cuttlefish filling. You can even choose to have them served with cheese topping to double-up the flavor.

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